We love and support brachy breeds bred by responsible breeders.
Fit for function, healthy, active, athletic, long-living.
Let’s break the stereotypes, save our brachycephalic ♥

Tradition, Dedication, Knowledge, Emotions. #BECAUSEWECAREA video project to share love , support and point that responsible breeders want to and DO breed healthy, happy and long-living brachy breeds:A superb video image made by Ante Lučin and his team with a participation of World famous breeders and dog-enthusiastics with heart, experience and knowledge <3They have my full support to save the National Cultural Heritage of their breeds' respective countries.Please, also visit our FCI for YOUtube channel:https://youtu.be/cx_FS1ilknQFCI – Federation Cynologique Internationale

Posted by Tamás Jakkel on 2020 m. gegužės 28 d., ketvirtadienis