Written in part by: Mr. Eduardo Loredo Muller
Translated to English by : Angel Sophia Nogga

Let me say a few words to you, yes you, the person who writes an email to simply ask the price. The caller and after hearing the price, surprisingly states: „I can buy a cheaper puppy somewhere else“. I’m also turning to you; the person who doesn’t care about papers because I want “just a pet”.No dog is “just a pet”. Behind every purebred puppy/dog is a BREEDER. I use capital letters to tell the difference between a breeder and a pet mill. A reputable breeder does not breed dogs without papers, it does not protect the integrity of the breed. Registrations (paper) are genealogy records that document bloodline and enable one to research possible health issues in the genealogy. When you tell a breeder you don’t care about papers what you’re really telling them is that you don’t mind less about the puppy’s health you just want the cheapest you can find! When choosng to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, that breeder is responsible for the health of each puppy; both dog owner and every puppy they have sold during their lifetime. This breeder will skip vacations, lack sleep, and most of their personal house space has been turned into space for their dogs. The truly passionate breeder who loves what they breed, puts all his heart and soul into it. Not only in puppies sold, but also in every customer who owns a piece of their heart and is now a member of their extended family. This does not take into account any puppy/dog who may become ill or need extra help to thrive. Breeders worry about their babies after they leave and bring one back without hesitation.A breeder will get their hands dirty, often covered in everything associated with birth. Cause thats what life is all about.. Between birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps on turning. A breeder will perform tests, echoes, x-rays, analysis, emergency c-sections, vaccinations, register litters, research pedigrees, deworm, and microchip their puppies and have them evaluated by specialists.Last but not least, a breeder CHOSES the family that is lucky enough to have one of their puppies. Yes, you read that right. A true breeder chooses who they sell to because they don’t make money from the sale. There is no compensation that can compensate for the investment a Breeder has made so they need to be sure it is suitable. Many times said no more then yes .. A good Breeder will have different criteria for those who want to continue their bloodline, why? Because breeding isn’t a responsibility to ever take lightly, it’s a lifestyle choice reserved for ONLY the few dedicated people who are willingBecause a dog is never „just a pet“ it is the Breeder’s legacy, a little boy’s best friend, a little girls protector, an elderly person’s therapy, a family member, someone’s whole world!!!